CMF launches new op

CTF-151 to conduct maritime security exercise off Somalia.

Focused Operation to begin in mid-September.

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) are set to launch a Focused Operation off the coast of Somalia and around the Socotra Gap. The maritime security exercise will run from September 14th-28th and is intended to deter, disrupt and deny any acts of piracy while observing the normal pattern of life in the region.

Such operations have seen success over the years, with interdictions preventing piracy as well as giving locals the chance to interact with the naval assets protecting their waters. The CMF hopes that merchant shipping will also share observations of local life with them, leading to a better picture of the domain.

Mariners are reminded to navigate with caution whilst transiting this area. Any queries regarding this Notice ring 0044 2392 222060 only for further information.

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