Joint ops follow attack and approaches in region.

CTF 151 takes part in surge operations with EU NAVFOR in the Gulf of Aden

As part of their missions to provide Maritime Security in the Somalia Basin and Gulf of Aden, Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) and European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Combined Task Force 465 (CTF 465) recently worked together in separate, yet complementary operations. CTF 151 conducted a counter piracy operation, named Operation Whanau, which translates to ‘family working together towards a common goal’. While concurrently, CTF 465 conducted Operation Hopper.

These operations provided an excellent opportunity for the forces to work together to enhance regional maritime security by countering the threat of piracy. A key focus of Whanau was improved coordination between the two CTFs. This enhanced the optimal use of all warships and aircraft undertaking counter piracy tasks in the region. In addition to Whanau’s counter piracy patrol, the opportunity was taken to engage with local mariners. This allowed CTF151 to gain a greater understanding of the locals’ requirements. Additionally, the mariners could be made aware of the role of CMF and the benefits that it provides them.

Undertaking operations, such as Whanau, is critical to improving the effectiveness of counter piracy operations in the region, as CMF aims to achieve the eradication of this illegal and dangerous practice.  Improved interoperability is a key component of this, with Operation Whanau making a meaningful contribution, which in the long term will help deliver increased maritime security and regional stability.


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