Worrying Somalia UN Report

A report submitted to the UN paints a worrying picture of dormant piracy off Somalia.

Off Somalia: pirate action groups are only dormant

Five important acts of piracy

During the last twelve months – October 2017 to September 2018 – there have been no fewer than five major acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia (see box). “The fact that these attempts are continuing shows that the root causes of piracy remain and that piracy networks remain very active,” says the report of UN experts. “On several occasions, pirates have been very close to achieving their ends.

Piracy action groups ready for action

Four pirate action groups are ready to resume attacks as soon as they have the chance. “These groups continue to exploit every opportunity, given the relative ease with which their agents can procure arms and light craft .”

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Source: bruxelles2.eu

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