Strikes Expected Worldwide May 1 (International Workers Day/Labor Day)

May 01: Strikes, walk-offs, and some protests are expected to occur globally on May 1 (International Workers Day / Labor Day / May Day). These include, but are not limited to:

  • Transport unions strike in Argentina ( and likely demonstrations in major cities
  • Public transportation strike (including ferry services) in Athens, Greece ( and likely large demonstrations in major cities. Isolated clashes possible.

Further strikes and/or marches – primarily by labor/union groups – are historically common worldwide, including in Canada, Cuba, France, Japan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and occasionally in the United States (although not an official holiday on May 01). In recent years, May 01 demonstrations have been banned in Turkey, and any gatherings may be forcefully prevented.

In Germany, supporters of the far right (including neo-Nazis and the National Democratic Party of Germany) have organized public demonstrations on May 1 in recent years. These have led to clashes with left-wing demonstrators. Heightened security is anticipated in major cities.

Additionally, May 01 is a recognized holiday in many countries around the world, with large events organized in major cities. Business closures and disruptions are highly likely on May 01.

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