364kg and 329kg of Cocaine Seized in Two Operations at/near Port of Santos

May 18: The Brazilian Federal Police seized 364kg of cocaine destined for Europe in the Port of Santos (SP) on Saturday (18 May). Some of the drugs were found inside colored plastic balloons placed in refrigerated containers at a port terminal in Guaruj√°.

The rest of the cocaine was found in black suitcases placed inside industrial drums. The destination of these suitcases was the Port of Rotterdam in Holland.

According to police, the owners of the company responsible for the transportation of the cargo were not aware of the infiltration of drugs among the goods.

It is suspected that the traffickers learned of the presence of police and customs agents and left the premises. On the same day, in a joint operation also in Santos, 329kg of cocaine destined for the Port of Antwerp in Belgium was also seized.

Source: Datamar News

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