Dutch Cargo Vessel Used as Portable Meth Lab Starts Sinking During Raid in Moerdijk, Netherlands

May 10: At approx. 13:20 LT the Dutch Cargo vessel ARSIANCO started sinking while docked at the port of Moerdijk, Netherlands. The vessel had reportedly been “booby-trapped” with a remote-activated pump, that caused the attempted sinking during the middle of a police raid.  

During the raid, the Dutch Police had discovered a large crystal methamphetamine lab onboard the vessel, but as they started to further investigate the ship, it proceeded to start rapidly sinking. Initial accounts suggest that the sinking attempt had been triggered remotely, via a remote-activated pump, likely in an attempt to destroy evidence.

Dutch Police swiftly disembarked the vessel, which carried an estimated £4 million GBP in methamphetamine oil.

“The water flowed in at a rapid pace. The employees of the various emergency services had to stop their work and leave the boat. Investigation showed that a kind of booby trap had been put into operation. A pump was presumably turned on remotely, which could sink the boat,” said a spokesman for the local police.

However, police managed to secure a large amount of trace evidence and valuables before the vessel started sinking.

The vessel’s Captain, a 65-year old Dutch national from Breda, and three Mexican nationals were on the vessel at the time of the raid and have been arrested.

Source: ARX Maritime / Ilias Kiritsis

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