Reduced Boundaries for High Risk Area (HRA) in Indian Ocean In Effect From May 01

May 01: As a reminder from the announcement in March, the geographic boundaries of the High Risk Area (HRA) for piracy in the Indian Ocean have been reduced, and came into effect on May 01.

The High Risk Area reflects the area where the threat from piracy exists, whilst recognising the ongoing containment of pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean. The industry group of shipping and oil industry organisations responsible for setting the HRA emphasised that a serious threat remains despite the reduction to the area’s geographic boundaries and that correct reporting, vigilance and adherence to the 5th edition of the best management practice (BMP5) remains crucial.

The regional UKHO Maritime Security Chart, Q6609 has been updated and is available here. The new coordinates of the HRA are:

In the Southern Red Sea: Northern Limit: Latitude 15 o 00’N
In the Indian Ocean a line linking:
From the territorial waters off the coast of east Africa at Latitude 05 o 00’S to 050 o 00’E
Then to positions:

Lat: 00o 00’N
Long: 055 o 00’E

Lat: 10o 00’N
Long: 060 o 00’E

Lat: 14o 00’N
Long: 060o 00’E

Then a bearing 310o to the territorial waters of the Arabian Peninsula.

Source: Round Table of International Shipping Associations via ICC & UK Admiralty

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