Dvina Bay in White Sea Partially Closed To Shipping Through Sept 10 Following Fatal Military Accident

August 08: Russian authorities report that a rocket engine exploded at a military testing ground near the village of Nyonoksa in the northwestern Arkhangelsk region. In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, local authorities in the nearby city of Severodvinsk announced a spike in radiation levels, although they later announced that such levels had “normalized.” Authorities did not specify what caused radiation levels to spike or how high they had risen. At least two people were killed in the explosion, and officials announced that they would be partially shutting the Dvina Bay in the White Sea through at least 10 September as a result of the accident. Local media sources have reported that the Russian Navy uses the area near Nyonoksa for weapons testing, particularly in relation to ballistic and cruise missiles.

Source: GlobalSecur

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