Interpol Reports Detecting Over a Dozen Suspected Terrorists Crossing Mediterranean During 6-Week Operation

September 19: Interpol says it has detected more than a dozen suspected “foreign terrorist fighters” crossing the Mediterranean Sea during a six-week operation.

The international police organisation carried out more than 1.2 million searches at ports in six countries between 24 July and 8 September.

Operation Neptune II focussed on busy tourist routes between North Africa and southern Europe.

It resulted in 31 active investigative leads, Interpol says.

During the operation Interpol used its vast database to look for signs of illegal activity such as stolen travel documents and vehicles. Officials from Algeria, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia carried out the searches at seven ports in the area.

Interpol has not revealed the nationalities of the suspected foreign militants or the groups they were linked to.

Source: BBC

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