Successful Boarding and Robbery Aboard Bulk Carrier at Callao Anchorage, Peru

September 30: Four unauthorized persons boarded a bulk carrier at Callao Anchorage at about 0100 hrs local time. The assailants took the vessel´s Able Seamen (AB) hostage and tied his hands while they proceeded to steal ship´s properties. When the duty officer did not receive a responce from the AB he ordered other crew members to investigate. Upon arriving at the forecastle, the crew members saw the AB was tied and raised the alarm, prompting the unauthorized persons to escape with the ship´s properties. The incident was reported to Callao port authorities.

PGI Analysis: Robberies targeting vessels anchored or berthed at Callao Anchorage are intermittently reported. Most robberies are opportunistic though robbers are frequently armed and sometimes violent towards the ships’ crew. Most robberies at Callao Anchorage and in nearby waters take place overnight and in the early hours of the morning to take advantage of low visibility.

Source: PGI Ltd

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