Dubai Customs Seizes 413,000 Captagon Pills in Container at Jebel Ali Port

November 10: Dubai Customs made a new major Captagon seizure hidden in a container of ship spare parts coming from an Asian country.

Cooperation between different customs departments and good planning have led to thwarting the attempt to smuggle 412,562 million Captagon pills at Jebel Ali & Tecom Customs Centre.

The vessel changed routes, and Dubai became its transit point instead of a final destination. This raised more suspicion around it.

Alertness of inspection officers and coordination between different sections coupled with the use of best technologies in the field have led to the seizure of these illegal pills. The shipment has been monitored and closely tracked since its departure of the Asian port based on risk engine information.

The container was thoroughly inspected and scanned, and the inspection officers managed to uncover a false floor to the container under where the prohibited pills were carefully hidden. With the help of the customs K-9 Dog unit, the illegal Captagon, Lyrica, Methadone, and Zinex pills were seized.

“We are vigilant and well prepared to all attempts of bringing these illegal contrabands into the UAE through Dubai entry points.” Yousef Al Hashimi, director of the Jebel Ali Customs Centres Management said. “The high sophisticated level that Dubai Customs reached in terms of infrastructure, equipment and the skills of their customs officers have led to more control over the emirate’s entry points and borders.”

Shuaib Al Suwaidi, Director of Customs Intelligence Department said:“We analyse information and define the risks based on different factors, and there is a high level of coordination between the intelligence department and Jebel Ali Customs Center. This, along with the advanced equipment available, has helped thwart the illegal shipment.”

In August Dubai Customs had foiled an attempt to smuggle 274,000 Captagon pills concealed in the fuel tank of a dhow. That was the second biggest drug seizure for the Coastal Customs Centres Management after the seizure of 783,800 Captagon pills in 2018, according to the authorities.

Source: Gulf Today

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