1,457kg Cocaine From Brazil Seized During Four Operations at Rotterdam Port

December 17: During customs inspections at the port of Rotterdam, 1,457 kilos of cocaine have been seized over four operations in one week:

  • December 12 – Customs found in a container loaded with a powder for the concrete industry and 450 kilos of cocaine. 
  • December 12: Customs found 500 kilos of cocaine in a container with fruit pulp barrels (blocks of cocaine had been frozen in the fruit concentrate.)
  • December 13: Customs found 17 large sports bags containing 496 kilos of cocaine in a magnesium container.
  • December 16: 11 kilos of cocaine was found in the engine compartment of a cooling container loaded with watermelons.

All containers were from Brazil. The drugs have since been destroyed.

Source: Openbaar Ministerie / HARC

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