CSO Alliance Situation Report: Libyan Maritime Security

© CSO Alliance, 2020

January 14: Recent developments in Libya that have the potential to impact the maritime industry include:

  • January 09 – The Libyan National Army (LNA) reportedly bans ships from calling to Misurata and Al Khums [see below images]
  • January 12 – The LNA claims it has seized an Italian cargo vessel off Misurata.
  • January 14 – Khalifa HAFTAR walks out of peace talks in Moscow.

Alleged LNA Statements Banning Vessels From Misurata and Al Khums (Twitter / M.LNA)

This is an ongoing situation that can have widespread implications which may incorporate a maritime element.

CSO Alliance – the authors of the Maritime Security Review – have decided to make our Situation Report visible to the public via our CSO Alliance website here.

© CSO Alliance, 2020

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