UKMTO Notice Regarding Strait of Hormuz

January 24: The UKMTO has issued the following notice:

UKMTO is issuing this Notice to global maritime operators in order to remind mariners and ship operators of the recommended procedures for transiting the Strait of Hormuz.

BMP5 remains the basis for merchant ship conduct, reporting and monitoring in the area.  In addition vessels and companies will need to be aware of their own Flag State guidance.

All vessels are strongly advised to remain within International Waters and, where practicable, should avoid transiting through Iranian TTW, including the areas claimed by Iran around the islands of:

·        Abu Musa,         250 52’ N   550 02’E
·        Greater Tunb    260 15’N   550 16’E
·        Lesser Tunb       260 14’N   550 08’E

In the event of merchant vessels being hailed masters should respond with ship’s name, flag state and confirm that they are proceeding in accordance with International Law. If contacted by Iranian authorities, it is recommended that masters contact UKMTO.

UKMTO recommends all merchant shipping maintain transmissions on AIS throughout the region to avoid mis-identification and to assist with merchant shipping monitoring.

Source: UKMTO

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