Somaliland Coastguard Expels Cable-layer from TTW

Somaliland Coast Guard Expel Djiboutian Cable Layer

25 January: Somaliland’s Coast Guard expelled East Africa’s largest undersea cable-layer which was was attempting to lay fibreoptic cable in Somaliland’s territorial waters in the Gulf of Berbera. Warning shots were fired across the bow of the cable-layer.

According to local press reports the vessel has repeatedly attempted to enter the area having also operated in nearby Somali and Kenyan waters.

The vessel was carrying the 5400 km cable system known as ‘the Djibouti Africa Regional Express 1’ that will provide a communications link between Djibouti, Mogadishu, Mombasa and Bosaso.

Somaliland’s Minister of Communication and Technology has made clear that the cable-layer will not be allowed to make a landing in Berbera due to the authorities wishing to protect Somaliland’s commercial interests.

Source: Dawan

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