Shots Fired on Container Vessel off Nigeria

February 21: Reports that the container vessel IRENES RESOLVE (IMO #9227273) came under attack on Friday while underway at 17.1 knots in approx. posn. 02:49.3N – 004:40.5E, approx. 130nm SW of Brass, Nigeria traveling towards Algeciras, Spain. While details of the attackers are currently limited, persons aboard at least one vessel reportedly approached, opened fire upon, and ordered the RESOLVE to stop via VHF. The RESOLVE refused the order, performed evasive maneuvers, had crew muster in the citadel, and claimed to have a security team on-board, after which the pursuing vessel broke off their attack. After approximately one hour the vessel aborted their approach. All crew reported safe.

The incident occurred within 26 hours of the kidnapping of crew from the panamax tanker ALPINE PENELOPE.

Source: ICC & Wotzup Nigeria / Dan-Ekeh Nduka

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