Driven by Narcotics Trafficking Through Callao Port, 2019 Homicide Rate in Lima Peru Calculated at 8 Per 100,000

March 05: In a special report, InSight Crime analyzes the homicide rate of each of Latin America’s capital cities, identifying the factors leading to these rates of violence.

[…] Lima [Peru] presented a total of 745 violent deaths in 2019, with the homicide rate falling at 8 out of every 100,000 inhabitants, according to police figures published in the newspaper Peru21. But the National Institute for Statistics and Information (Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática – INEI) says just 6.5 percent of these homicides are related to organized crime.

Within the metropolitan area of Lima, one of the areas that experienced an uptick in violence was Callao, where 82 murders took place between January and August 2019. Drug trafficking, extortion and the growing presence of underage hitmen are some of the explanations offered by the police to explain this violence.

According to General Edgardo Garrido, police chief in Callao, the main reason behind the homicides is the drug trafficking that occurs around Callao’s ports.

Source / Full Report Available At: Insight Crime / Maria Alejandra Navarrete & Anastasia Austin


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