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staged attack

Going Global

Piracy is one of the most resilient business models ever, a fact which has prompted fears that it may be set to go global once again.

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Safe Places

BMP4 places great emphasis on the role of citadels…which is great, but far too few people know what they really are. The guidance states that

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Somali pirate on the coast of Hobyo

Armed Conflict

There has been much talk, of an impending piracy "perfect storm" off Somalia. To quote one observer, we can expect “more and badder bad guys’ and less "good guys”, which ...

Anarchist Agenda

Whether fuelled on Red Bull and Greggs pasties, or khat – it seems there is a degree of synergy between the lawless gangs which laid waste much of the UK ...
Armed Security Officer

Gunning It

We have spoken at length in the past about armed guards on ships, and over the past couple of months a number of flag States have begun to show their ...
2011 Year of the Pirate

Stat Attack

The world’s three biggest flag States reported last month that pirates took 1,090 sailors hostage last year. Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands said that 4,185 seafarers were attacked with ...
Somali pirate group

Perfect Storm

Things have been relatively quiet on the pirate front of late. The monsoon has kept all but the most desperate pirates at bay, and notwithstanding the odd flurry of activity ...
Piracy Exchange

Taking Stock

Some of the big piracy “firms” have definite potential to take their companies public - in fact, some of them already have. Mohammed, a former pirate, told Reuters that “we decided ...

Earnings Boom

Despite some lowering of ransom levels across the latest negotiations, it has emerged that Somali pirates are earning as much as 157 times their country's national average wage. This naturallly makes piracy ...

Execution Outrage

The Round Table of international shipping associations has expressed a united front of outrage at the execution of a seafarer by Somali pirates. BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO and ...

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