Ports and Terminals

  • Mogadishu Port: Trade Returns

    “The pay is poor, but at least there’s more work now,” says a porter by the name of Alasow, taking a breather from the back-breaking work. Somalia’s fight to harness […]

  • A Unified ‘Asian Voice’

    Singapore’s future as a leading international maritime centre, shipping regulation, piracy, armed robbery, and Greenhouse Gas emissions were all addressed in the message given by the Singapore Shipping Association’s President […]

  • Port Mechanic Convicted

    A port employee, who initiated a bomb hoax as part of a ruse during a heightened awareness drill, has been convicted and sentenced to house arrest. Port Mechanic Convicted and Sentenced […]

  • Aquino inspects major ports in Manila

    Except for minor issues, President Benigno Aquino III expressed satisfaction on the security measures being implemented by some major terminals in Manila which he inspected. Aquino inspects major ports in […]

  • New Rules

    The Danish Maritime Authority has issued a series of new rules aimed at strengthening the security of ships and port facilities for passenger and cargo ships in domestic services. The Danish […]

  • ROVs For All?

    Remotely Operated Vehicles: science fiction, sexy toys or affordable, reliable technology? Maritime Security Review has been taking a look at some cutting edge technology and making some surprising discoveries. ROV […]

  • USC Anti-Terrorism System Deployed

    A USC-designed computer application, named ARMOR-PROTECT, has been deployed at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (POLA/LB) to make the local waterways safer. USC Engineered Anti-Terrorism System Deployed […]

  • 22 Ports Not Adequately Screening Cargo Containers

    Cargo containers arriving at the 22 maritime ports through which the greatest volume of containerized cargo enters the United States have not adequately been screened. DHS IG Finds 22 Ports […]

  • Port to begin security upgrades

    The Port Authority of Guam will now be able to move forward with nearly $3 Million worth of security upgrades following last night’s approval of the construction contract by the […]

  • Terror Threat to Canadian Waterways

    OTTAWA — The U.S. government calculates there’s a low risk of terrorism against North American shipping, ports and along shared waterways, in contrast to a Canadian assessment of maritime security […]

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