• New boats for Senegal

    Training and spares part of deal. US donates patrol boats to Senegal and Cabo Verde The US military has donated two patrol boats to Senegal’s Navy and five patrol boats to […]

  • Cutlass kicks off

    Naval coherence suddenly vital following US administration’s comments on China, Iran. Exercise Cutlass Express 2017 begins Maritime forces from East Africa, West Indian Ocean nations, Europe and the United States, […]

  • Phoenix Express 2015 Kicks Off

    Multi-nation exercise begins. Phoenix Express 2015 Kicks Off by Joseph R. Fonseca Maritime forces from North Africa, Europe, and the United States kicked off Exercise Phoenix Express 2015 with opening […]

  • CMF take part in Cutlass Express 2015

    Multinational exercise organised by AFRICOM. CMF helps enhance maritime security in the Indian Ocean during Exercise Cutlass Express 2015 In an effort to support East African and Indian Ocean nations […]

  • Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea

    Despite claims to the contrary from certain corners, maritime crime remains at a worrying level. Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea Nick Turse “The Gulf of Guinea is the most […]

  • Saharan Express

    When the Pentagon established a new regional combatant command known as Africa Command (AFRICOM) in  February 2007 there was only one country, Liberia, prepared to host an AFRICOM regional Headquarters. […]