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  • ITS MARGOTTINI Re-Joining EU Navfor Counter-Piracy Mission

    March 08: ITS Margottini is re-joining EU NAVFOR for its second six-month tour participating in Op Atalanta, the European Union’s first naval operation, launched in 2008 to prevent piracy at […]

  • Heading Out

    A Spanish patrol has left Cartagena port to join Operation Atalanta from the European Union (EU). “They’re going to the place in the world that needs us most,” the head […]

  • Gloves Off

    NATO’s Ocean Shield command in Northwood, U.K. has confirmed that the Alliance’s anti-piracy operation is going tough on the pirates. Instead of patrolling the sea lanes and waiting attacks and […]

  • Air Support

    After months of fending off criticism over its contribution to international anti-piracy efforts, Norway’s Defence Ministry has decided to send surveillance aircraft to Somalia, to aid NATO’s anti-piracy operation. Norwegian […]

  • Pirates Use New MO

    While apprehending 16 pirates during a recent anti-piracy operation, the Indian Navy discovered that the pirates had adopted a new modus operandi. Quaiser Khalid, a Deputy Commissioner of the Indian […]