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  • Pirates or Abu Sayyaf?

    Attackers motives not yet determined. Cops seek to determine if kidnap group was involved in trawler shooting By Muguntan Vanar KOTA KINABALU: Sabah police are trying to ascertain if a kidnap […]

  • Somali pirates arrested

    Recent series of incidents sees arrests. EUNAVFOR’s Italian ship Virginio Fasan Chases and Captures Suspected Pirates EU NAVFOR Somalia’s Flagship, the Italian vessel ITS Virginio Fasan, has apprehended six suspected pirates […]

  • BIMCO issues advisory

    Attack prompts warning. BIMCO Security Advisory Update – Gulf Of Aden Following further information regarding the incident reported off Mukalla Port at 242115ZApr16, BIMCO strongly advise all members to take […]

  • ‘Missile hit our ship…’

    Shipmaster relives moment his tanker was attacked by Hiftar fighter jet. ‘Missile hit our ship and blasted me out the door’ The Georgian shipmaster of the Anwaar Afriqya was on […]

  • Twelve Suspect Pirates Apprehended

    Following a merchant vessel’s successful repulsion of an attack from a group of men armed with RPGs, EUNAVFOR and Nato work together to apprehend suspects. EU Naval Force French Frigate […]

  • Burmese sailors set adrift in lifeboat

    Marine rescuers in southern Vietnam on Thursday rescued five Burmese and four Indonesian sailors who had been attacked four days earlier by Indonesian pirates and left to drift at sea […]

  • Iranian Warships Thwart Pirate Attack

    According to Iran’s Press TV, a tanker sailing from Iran’s Khark Island to the Suez Canal was attacked twice before an Iranian naval patrol forced the pirate boats to flee […]

  • Cargo Owners Warned

    The increasing number and scope of pirate attacks particularly along Africa’s coastline has become a multi-billion dollar problem costing various governments and the shipping industry up to $7 billion last […]

  • Hitting Ashore

    The one issue which unites the maritime industry is the belief that pirates will be defeated not at sea, but ashore. According to a report from Lloyd’s List, Keith Blount, […]

  • One Hit

    The Director of the Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping, Sergios Sergiou, has said that in 2011 there was one successful piracy against a Cypriot vessel. Somali pirates seized “MV Eagle” […]