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  • Suspicious Activity Reported Southwest of Bab-el-Mandeb On Sunday

    March 08: The UKMTO received multiple reports of skiffs in position 12.366667, 43.950000 southwest of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. Source: UKMTO

  • Suspicious Approach By Six Skiffs Near Bab-el-Mandeb

    February 25, 10:41 UTC: While underway near the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait in approx. posn. 12°13′ N 44°06′ E the oil/chemical tanker WAWASAN EMERALD (IMO # 9412763) was reportedly approached to within […]

  • Suspicious Approach By 11 Vessels Near Bab El Mandeb Strait

    February 22, 07:48-08:02 UTC: A vessel reported a suspicious approach by eleven skiffs with approx. 4-5 POB in posn. 12°10’0” N 043°31’3” E. Closest point of approach was 0.8 NM. […]

  • Initial Report of Suspicious Approach Near Bab el Mandeb

    December 03, 14:50 UTC: According to an initial report by the UKMTO, “A merchant vessel has reported a suspicious approach at 1450 UTC on the 3rd Dec, by a skiff […]

  • UN talks on Hodeidah

    Could political move stop attack? U.N. Yemen envoy in talks with Houthis to cede Hodeidah port: sources ADEN (Reuters) – The U.N. Yemen mediator is in talks with the Houthi […]

  • Houthi attacks may continue

    Threat from Houthi rebels in Yemen ongoing. EUNAVFOR: Houthi Attacks on Shipping May Continue On Wednesday, the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates announced that they have destroyed two […]

  • Strategy in the BAM

    Securing the world’s fourth busiest waterway. The Gate of Tears: Interests, Options and Strategy in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait By Jimmy Drennan Introduction Some were surprised by the news that four […]

  • Migrants die off Yemen

    At least 30 people drown as boat capsizes amid reports of gunfire used against those on board ‘Gunfire used against passengers’ as migrant boat sinks off Yemen At least 30 […]

  • Houthis capture US UUV

    Defense officials say drone was engaged in meteorological study. Houthi Troops Celebrate With Captured Navy Underwater Drone in Video By Hope Hodge Seck A new video has surfaced showing members […]

  • Coalition denies reports

    Coalition still under pressure. Saudi-led Coalition Denies Blocking Aid to Yemen RIYADH —  The Saudi-led military coalition fighting in Yemen has denied blocking aid and basic supplies from entering, following […]