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  • Piracy still a threat

    PMSC union raises concerns over complacency. Piracy still a threat – maritime security union In spite of a global drop in maritime piracy, the threat still remains, especially off West […]

  • Tanker hijacked off Ghana coast

    Media reports that MT Hai Soon 6 hijacked by pirates in Ghanaian waters. Tanker hijacked off Ghana coast According to media reports, the Kiribati-flagged tanker, MT Hai Soon 6 (IMO […]

  • New Hot Spot

    The modern pirates of Somalia are no swashbuckling buccaneers. They are maritime bandits, disrupting one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes and costing the global economy billions. Recently, they’ve stepped […]

  • GoG Attacks Double

    Pirate activity in the region jumped 42 percent last year as 64 ships were attacked. According to AKE’s Rory Lamrock the “Attacks are rising in frequency, happening further out from […]

  • Piracy Doubles off West Africa

    According to maritime risk company AKE the number of attacks is likely to rise further, while incidents are taking place further out to sea. Piracy doubles off West Africa LONDON – […]

  • West African Piracy Increases

    The violent attack on a Dutch cargo ship off the Nigerian coast has highlighted the increase in piracy in the area. An umbrella group of insurers have designated the coastal […]

  • Benin Again

    Pirates rob chemical tanker off the coast of Benin amid mounting piracy threats in West Africa. The International Maritime Bureau says armed pirates have raided a chemical tanker off the […]

  • Piracy Prone

    Five African countries along the continent’s sea coast have been listed by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) as risky areas for the movement of vessels and ships due to attacks […]

  • Reaction Time

    Last week the Joint War Committee added Benin to a list of areas it considered high risk for merchant vessels and prone to war, strikes, terrorism and related perils. The Committee groups […]

  • Citadel Saviour

    Pirates attacked two tankers off the coast of Benin as they were undergoing a ship-to-ship transfer. The vessels involved were the mother ship ‘Golden Sofia’ and the daughter vessel ‘Aidin’. […]