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  • New Vision

    According to V Ships’ President Roberto Giorgi we need new vision and strategies to conquer the cancer of piracy. He has set out a thoughts for an anti-piracy programme which […]

  • Swell Idea

    Fast thinking by the master of a Mitsui OSK Lines car carrier has helped the ship escape from pirates close to Tanzania.  Pirates fired rocket propelled grenades at the 5,232-vehicle […]

  • Trained Response

    Details of how the bulk carrier “Arrilah-I” was freed have been released. Upon being attacked the 21 crew of the vessel and three security guards remained secure in the vessels citadel. The […]

  • A Fine Mess

    When IMO secretary-general, Efthimios Mitropoulos stated that more than 60% of ships were ignoring the recommended Best Industry Management Practice (BMP) it made alarm bells ring. The fact that so […]

  • Summer 2010

    By Stephen Askins With the summer monsoons pushing into the Somali basin, another piracy “season” ends and the depressing cycle shows no real signs of being tamed. Headlines suggest an […]