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  • Fast boats for Colombia

    The rapid-reaction vessels will support Colombia’s maritime interdiction efforts against transnational crime. U.S. Donates Interception Vessels to Colombian Navy Julieta Pelcastre The U.S. presented the Colombian Navy with five new […]

  • Yachter’s pirate encounter

    Roy Erez, sailing to Jamaica, was forced at gunpoint by crew of local fishing boat to take on unknown passenger; vessel later boarded by soldiers, redirected to Colombia Israeli yachtsman […]

  • Colombians for Op Atalanta in IOR

    South Americans to join anti-piracy patrols. Colombian warship conducts sea trials prior to Atalanta anti-piracy deployment Colombian Navy warship, ARC 7 de Agosto, recently completed sea trials with the Spanish […]

  • Colombia: hovercrafts to tackle drugs

    Colombian armed forces are hoping the first deliveries of their new Griffon 2000 hovercrafts will be a “game-changer” Colombia buys hovercrafts to tackle drug trafficking Colombian armed forces are hoping […]