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  • Mediterranean still terror target

    Threat to shipping taken seriously. NATO Officer: Daesh Wants to Have Maritime Arm for Attacks in Mediterranean The Daesh (Islamic State) jihadist group has an ambition of creating a maritime arm […]

  • Libya, oil and ISIS

    Series of attacks by Islamic State militants has damaged oil terminals. Libya’s oil guards accused of siphoning off country’s supplies for profit Kim Sengupta An armed force set up to […]

  • Libyan oil installations hit again

    Militants target Ras Lanuf and local facilities again. Militants attack near Libya’s Ras Lanuf oil terminal – sources Suspected Islamic State militants attacked oil installations close to Libya’s Ras Lanuf […]

  • Libya oil storage tanks ablaze

    Series of attacks leaves tanks on fire. Libya oil storage tanks ablaze after assault by IS Shelling by so-called Islamic State (IS) on an oil terminal in Libya has started […]

  • Libya terminal fires

    At least nine guards were killed and more than 40 injured in fighting. Four oil tanks now on fire at Libyan ports after clashes Jan 6 Fires caused by clashes […]

  • ISIS target Libyan terminals

    Islamic State take advantage the security vacuum. Islamic State fighters target Libya’s main oil terminals Islamic State militants clashed with security forces near Libya’s Es Sider oil export terminal on […]

  • HMS Defender arrives in Gulf

    THE Royal Navy’s HMS Defender warship has joined a French aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean to bolster Western efforts to destroy Islamic State from the sea and air. Royal […]

  • Russian Sub in ISIS strikes

    Russian Navy joins anti-ISIS operations. Russia hits targets in Syria from Mediterranean submarine Russia says it has for the first time hit targets in Syria with missiles launched from a […]

  • Terror risk to Channel ferries

    Government sources admit they are concerned about security at ferry ports over fears that terrorists – thwarted by tightened airport security – will switch attention to shipping. Channel ferries at […]

  • HMS Defender to support French carrier

    Ship will provide air cover for French aircraft carrier. Britain’s HMS Defender to support French carrier against Islamic State By Ryan Maass The U.K. Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender will […]