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  • Piracy risk off West Africa

    Countries along the Gulf of Guinea stretching from Senegal to Angola have been trying to cooperate on improving maritime security. US warns of growing piracy risk off West Africa The […]

  • Call with the Somali President

    After their call, the leaders confirmed that the UK and Somali governments will co-host an international conference on Somalia on 7 May in the UK. Prime Minister’s call with the […]

  • Prosecution Deal

    The United Kingdom and Mauritius have signed an agreement that provides for suspected pirates caught by the British navy to be prosecuted on the Indian Ocean island. UK & MAURITIUS […]

  • ITF Stance

    Commenting on British prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to more effectively protect ships against pirates, including by relaxing rules on carrying arms. ITF general secretary David Cockcroft said: “Somali-based piracy […]

  • Follow The Leader

    InterManager is, after months of campaigning, delighted to hear the public vilification of piracy issued by the UK Government. Alastair Evitt, President of InterManager, said that it was a quantum […]

  • Armed Stance

    Ships sailing under a British flag will be able to carry armed guards to protect them from pirates, the British prime minister David Cameron has announced. He says he wants […]