Tag: Diaoyu Islands

  • China rattles Japan

    Keeping the tension simmering. China warship sails near Japan-controlled islands Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo, after a Chinese frigate sailed near disputed islands in the East China […]

  • Japan Boosts Coastal Security

    As Chinese ships continue to navigate waters near disputed islands, Japan has decided to “strengthen security” around its coasts. Japan PM to boost coast security amid China row Japan will “strengthen […]

  • Understanding the Conflict

    The anniversary of China and Japan having normalised diplomatic relations comes at a low point in Sino-Japanese relations due to a dispute over an island chain in the East China Sea known […]

  • Japan envoy heads to China

    Japan is sending a top diplomat to China for talks, as Chinese ships again entered waters close to islands both sides claim. Vice-Foreign Minister Chikao Kawai will hold two days […]

  • Protests Resume

    18 September is the anniversary of the day in 1931 when Japan staged the excuse for its later invasion of China. This year’s anniversary is particularly tense because of a mounting […]

  • Island Grabbing

    Until recently, Asian countries’ competing claims in the seas around China did not cause outright conflict. But now that drilling technology can tap gas and oil beds there, Asia capitals […]

  • Manila Help Causes Conflict

    Beijing said on Tuesday it is opposed to any “intervention” in the South China Sea, apparently referring to reports that Tokyo will help Manila boost its maritime security. “China has […]

  • Challenging Disputes

    Maritime disputes between China and some neighboring countries have escalated in recent years. A number of factors have contributed to the current maritime challenge. This article offers a Chinese view of […]

  • Maritime Security Consultations

    Diplomacy dominates today’s newspapers, with coverage of the first round of regular consultations on maritime security between China and Japan being most prominent. China-Japan maritime talks Papers including Beijing News […]

  • Maritime Dispute

    China has dispatched two of its maritime security vessels to patrol the waters off disputed islands in the Pacific Ocean. Japan, which has administrative control over the uninhabited islands, has […]