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  • Russia Releases Japanese Fishing Boat Seized in Waters Off Disputed Islands

    January 21: Russia has released a Japanese fishing boat seized last week in waters off islands claimed by Japan after confirming that a fine had been paid. The boat returned […]

  • RN and South China Sea

    Freedom of navigation patrolsare not about power projection, presence, or deterrence. Joint Freedom of Navigation Patrols in the South China Sea BY THE LOWY INTERPRETER [By Shashank Joshi and Euan Graham] […]

  • China rattles Japan

    Keeping the tension simmering. China warship sails near Japan-controlled islands Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo, after a Chinese frigate sailed near disputed islands in the East China […]

  • Upgrades for PH Navy

    Philippine Navy looking for new ships. Philippine Shipbuilders to Help Modernize Military By Noel Tarrazona Having a budget of $2.56 billion for military modernization this year, the Philippine Defense Department is […]

  • Japan Scrambles Jets

    In an escalation of tensions, Japan scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after a Chinese government plane entered airspace over disputed islets in the East China Sea. Japan scrambles jets as Chinese […]

  • Goodbye Terrorism, Hello Territorial Dispute

    Officials in the Philippines have stated that marines have been assigned the duty of helping reinforce the country’s claims in disputed South China Sea territories. Filipino marines shift from terror […]

  • ‘Severe’ Meeting

    The Japanese and Chinese foreign ministers have held talks in New York on a bitter row over disputed islands. Japan-China ministers in ‘severe’ meeting over islands row The Japanese and […]

  • Protests Resume

    18 September is the anniversary of the day in 1931 when Japan staged the excuse for its later invasion of China. This year’s anniversary is particularly tense because of a mounting […]

  • Urgent Measures

    Japanese Prime Minster Yoshihiko Noda has urged the Chinese Government to take urgent measures to prevent violence against Japanese citizens in China Japan PM Noda urges China to prevent anti-Japan violence […]

  • Sansha Garrison

    Beijing claims that it has authorized the creation of a military base in the area of a newly established city in a disputed part of the South China Sea. China Approves City […]