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  • Defence Commitment

    Estonia will keep its forces in the fight against piracy and other global struggles at the same levels next year while adding reinforcements to several other units. Under a new […]

  • Little Faith

    According to a new study, only 17 percent of German shippers believe the EU mission in Somalia, Operation ATALANTA, was contributing a significant amount to the fight against piracy. This […]

  • South African satellite helps protect from pirates

    Installed as a contingency measure during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, a satellite navigation system has become a leading tool in the fight against piracy. The announcement was made in […]

  • Shipowners Up In Arms

    Shipowners arm to fight piracy January 18, 2011 From Views and News from Norway . Norwegian shipowners are beginning to arm their vessels in an effort to fend off pirates […]

  • Smarter Measures in Fight against Piracy

    Smarter Measures in Fight against Piracy Author: Michael L. Baker Expert Brief published with the kind permission of the Council on Foreign Relations The recent conviction in Norfolk, VA, of […]