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  • Fiji thinks security

    Fiji Navy ready to step up. ‘Need to protect our maritime space’ ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA FIJI Navy chief Captain Humphrey Tawake says there is a need to protect our maritime space […]

  • Fiji’s naval boost

    No vacancies for crew, though. Fiji Navy to have three operational vessels by year-end Report by: Akosita Talei The RFNS Kula is currently in Lau as part of an ongoing drug operation, RFNS Kikau […]

  • Fiji, fish and Kiwis

    Fisheries protection duties becoming more commonplace. Moroivalu Confirms Royal New Zealand Navy Assistance by NACANIELI TUILEVUKA A Royal New  Zealand Navy (RNZN) inshore patrol vessel will arrive in Fiji next […]

  • Fiji police conclude high seas probe

    Investigation in to ‘murder at sea’ video concludes locally.  Fiji police conclude high seas probe Fiji police say they have concluded their investigation into a video which surfaced in Fiji […]

  • HRAS begins murder investigation

    Human Rights Leader Starts Video Murder Investigation Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) has started its own international investigation into the murders of seafarers in international waters as a result of […]

  • Police investigate high seas shooting

    Horrific video only clue to high seas murders. Fiji police investigate high seas shooting video MICHAEL FIELD AND FAIRFAX A cellphone left behind in a Suva taxi by an Asian […]

  • Time to bring Fiji in from the cold

    LAST month a new regional organisation was born. It arrived with little fanfare, but it may very well reshape the architecture of co-operation in the South Pacific. In early November […]