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  • Fire On Oil Tankers at South Korean Port Injures Ten

    September 28: A fire that spread across two oil tankers in the South Korean port of Ulsan injured 10 people on Saturday, coastguard and fire officials said, adding the blaze […]

  • Calcium Hypochlorite Believed to Have Caused Major Fire on Container Ship at Laem Chabang Port in Thailand; Up to 200 Injured and 3 Piers Closed

    UPDATE May 26: “Throughout night and day May 26 fire though under control, was still smoldering in some containers. Reportedly, 35 loaded containers were destroyed or damaged. Authorities prohibited to […]

  • Destroyer alight

    Damage thought to be minimal. Russian Destroyer Catches Fire During Repairs On Friday, the anti-submarine destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov caught fire while undergoing repairs at the Port of Vladivostok. The fire began in the […]

  • Suspected Somali pirates fire on Italian navy helicopter

    (Reuters) – Suspected pirates opened fire on an Italian navy helicopter on patrol off the east coast of Somalia, hitting a window and slightly injuring a pilot, the force said […]

  • UK Ships May Fire on Pirates

    Under new guidance issued to UK-flagged ships, armed guards on vessels in the Indian Ocean have permission to fire first to fend off Somali pirates. The new advice is clearer than […]

  • Express Arrival

    Twenty six sailors and a crew of a Cypriot flag ship who were abandoned by Somali pirates after their hijacked ship caught fire have safely arrived at the port of […]

  • Fire Starters

    Piracy has returned with a vengeance following the end of the monsoon season, as a Greek vessel was set ablaze after an attack in the Somali Basin. Pirates hit Cyprus […]

  • Safe Evacuation

    Somali pirates say they have safely evacuated 19 crew members from “MV Orna” after a blaze on the hijacked vessel. The ship caught fire in the pirate stronghold of Harardhere, […]

  • Shipboard Fire

    A Somali pirate claims a fire is tearing through a hijacked ship that pirates are holding off the country’s coast. The pirate said an undisclosed number of pirates and hostages […]