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  • Somali stability concerns

    Jubaland, Puntland, Southwest, Galmudug and Hirshabelle regions accuse the government of interfering with regional issues. UN cautions stand-off in Somalia could ruin stabilization efforts The UN top envoy in Somalia […]

  • Crew held for nine days

    Al Kausar crew and vessel now free. Captain of Boat Seized by Somali Pirates Says Crew Held for 9 Days Harun Maruf The captain of an Indian boat hijacked by […]

  • Galmudug forces nab pirates

    Al Kausar crew still held by small number of pirates. Somali security forces capture 10 pirates Somali forces surrounded pirates holding hostages taken from an Indian ship and secured the […]

  • Hijacked dhow freed

    Galmudug forces free ship, but eight hostages in pirate hands. Somalia piracy: Indian ship freed but hijackers take crew Somali security forces have rescued an Indian cargo ship seized by […]

  • Pirates demand ransom

    Pirates seem to be testing their old business model. Somali pirates seek ransom for Indians Pirates who hijacked an Indian cargo dhow with 11 crew members on board have moved […]

  • al Shabaab, pirates working together

    Groups have often traded hostages with each other. Al-Shabaab and pirate work together: Galmudug Official BY WARKA Cooperation between Somalia’s Al-Shabab fighters and pirate gangs  is what becomes clear and obvious as […]

  • One killed as Pirates clash

    Gunfight between pirates and militia in Galkayo. Somalia: One killed as Pirates clash in Central town At least one person has been killed and several others injured as some of […]

  • Somali pirates release American hostage

    American journalist finally freed by pirate captors.  Michael Scott Moore: Journalist freed in Somalia Journalist Michael Scott Moore, who has dual US and German citizenship, has been released after nearly […]