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  • Oil Pirates Are Dangerously Close To U.S. Waters

    By Felicity Bradstock Piracy is an age-old problem in the energy industry, often seen in West Africa and other regions of the world. However, following the rise of the phenomenon […]

  • IUU fishing in Mexico

    Vanda Felbab-Brown A major recent U.S. bust of a crime ring trafficking totoaba bladders and shark fins from Mexico to China highlights again that illegal fishing in Mexico is an […]

  • López Obrador Announced Military Naval Base in Dos Bocas to Combat Piracy Last Month

    November 14: In response to piracy in the Gulf of Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the construction of a military naval base in the port of Dos Bocas […]

  • Gulf of Mexico Oil Industry Reeling From Hundreds of Pirate Attacks in 2019

    Source: InSight Crime / Chris Dalby December 12: The seizure of an Italian oil supply vessel by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico in November was but the latest in […]

  • Offshore Supply Vessel Near Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico Attacked; 2 Crew Wounded During Armed Robbery

    November 11: Italian offshore supply ship REMAS with 35 people on board was attacked by approx. 7-8 armed pirates in two fast boats in the Gulf of Mexico, north of […]

  • Over $1m USD-Worth of Cocaine Found Floating in Gulf of Mexico, Off Louisiana

    June 18: A commercial vessel recovered over $1 million worth of cocaine found floating in the Gulf of Mexico roughly 50 to 55 miles south of Southwest Pass, off the […]

  • Mexico, pirates and oil

    The number of attacks is up 310% in two years despite efforts by Pemex to prevent them. Piracy at Pemex: modern-day pirates strip drilling platforms in Gulf of Mexico Pemex […]

  • Mexico’s oil pirates

    Ongoing Mexican maritime insecurity. ‘Pirates’ Loot Oil Facilities in the Sonda de Campeche The bands of “Mexican pirates” venture up to 130 kilometres offshore to assault the marine platforms and the Pemex […]

  • O&G pirates of Mexico

    They pose as fishermen to board drilling platforms, ships in Bay of Campeche Gulf of Mexico pirates new Pemex challenge As if the pipeline thieves known as huachicolerosweren’t enough, Pemex must […]

  • USCG’s record 2016

    Operations also saw 585 arrests. Coast Guard Seized a Record 416,600 Pounds of Cocaine in 2016 By Brian Slattery The year 2016 was a record-breaking year for the U.S. Coast […]