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  • Somali pirates claim to kill hostage

    MOGADISHU, Somalia — Somali pirates who have been holding a hijacked ship for nearly two years killed a Syrian hostage crew member and wounded another to protest a delayed ransom […]

  • Terror Alert

    According to the Indian Navy, terrorist organisations are working on using a hijacked ship as a means of launching attack. This is just one of the many possibilities that terrorist organisation have […]

  • Shipboard Fire

    A Somali pirate claims a fire is tearing through a hijacked ship that pirates are holding off the country’s coast. The pirate said an undisclosed number of pirates and hostages […]

  • Imminent Release

    According to reports, the hijacked ship ‘MV Jahan Moni’ will be released on Monday along with its 26 Bangladeshi sailors. “The ship, its 25 crewmembers and the wife of its […]