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  • Indian Calls

    Somali pirates are posing ever increasing challenges to India, disrupting its trade, capturing its seafarers, attacking closer to its shores and the nation is being forced to step up its […]

  • India’s Growing Maritime Power

    In the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars’ recent publication ‘India’s Contemporary Security Challenges‘, Arun Prakash, the Head of the National Maritime Foundation in New Delhi and a former Indian […]

  • Joint Patrols

    India and Thailand have agreed to pursue high-level dialogue on defence cooperation to tackle the menace of piracy. In a joint statement the leaders noted that coordinated patrolling was already […]

  • India Invests in Maritime Security

    India’s commitment to the long term development of its naval forces is reflected in the world’s largest democracy having reached another milestone: according to the Swedish think tank Stockholm International […]

  • Political Talks

    India and Malaysia are intensifying diplomatic efforts to step up action to stem threats of piracy, a serious menace which is threatening both nations. Both economies, which rely heavily on global shipping […]

  • India to extend maritime security cover as far as Africa

    The Maritime Security Review has learned from sources within the US Department of State that talks have recently been held to discuss how India could contribute to Africa’s maritime security. […]

  • US looks to India as strategic partner in the fight against pirates

    In an interview yesterday the US ambassador to India, Timothy J Roemer, voiced concern over the increase in pirate activities and said that the United States viewed India as a […]

  • Air Support

    India has deployed a naval aircraft in the Seychelles to carry out surveillance of the Indian Ocean island nation’s territorial waters as part of anti-piracy efforts. The Indian Navy has […]