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  • Iran rattles sabres

    Sayyari issues stark warning…again. Iran to Make Enemies Regret Any Naval Aggression: Commander Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari warned the enemies of the country’s crushing response to any […]

  • Iran sends out pirate patrol

    Anticipate more press releases celebrating glorious pirate battles… Navy’s 42nd flotilla off to free waters The 42nd flotilla of Iran Navy, comprising Alvand destroyer and Tonb logistic-combat warship, has been […]

  • US Navy criticises sailors captured in Iranian waters

    US Navy doesn’t pull punches. US Navy criticises sailors captured in Iranian waters Weak leadership, poor judgment and a lack of “warfighting toughness” led to the capture of 10 US […]

  • Iran Navy heads to Gulf

    Expect stories of brave pirate battles shortly… Iranian Navy’s 41st flotilla off to Gulf of Aden The Iranian Navy’s 41st flotilla of warships left Bandar Abbas port for the Gulf […]

  • India, Iran in naval drills

    India keeps Iran on side. Iran, India hold joint naval exercise tomorrow TEHRAN: Iran will hold one-day joint navy exercise with India on Friday.Talking to reporters in Tehran, Iran Navy’s […]

  • The Hormuz challenge

    The political dance between the US and Iran. The Risk Of Iranian Terror: The Straits Of Hormuz In Danger By Peter Huessy Every day, two-thirds of all oil consumed world-wide […]

  • Iran fights off pirates. Again.

    Iran claims another victory… Iran navy repels pirate attack on merchant ship The Iranian Navy has thwarted seven pirate boat attacks on an Iranian merchant vessel sailing in the Red […]

  • IMCMEX kicks off

    IMCMEX kicks off in the Middle East. US kicks off largest maritime exercise in Mideast The United States has kicked off the world’s largest maritime exercise in the Middle East, […]

  • Iran Navy head to Gulf

    Pirates beware, the Iranians are coming. Iran’s New Naval Flotilla Dispatched to Gulf of Aden: Commander Iranian Navy’s 40th flotilla of warships has left for the Gulf of Aden and […]

  • Iran claims intelligence gain

    That’s a lot of owner’s manuals for two boats to contain… Iran Claims Seizure of over 13,000 Pages of Intel from Abducted U.S. Sailors by MARY CHASTAIN Officials in Iran […]