Tag: IRGC Navy

  • Iran touts new sub

    New sub expected to be deployed this week. ‘Fateh’ submarine to surprise Iran’s enemies: Navy cmdr. Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi made the remark in a press conference on Wednesday, […]

  • Iran waves sabre

    Iran’s response to US sabre-rattling is to point at its own sword. Iran to Maintain Naval Presence on High Seas – Commander In recent years, the Iranian Navy has increased […]

  • More IRGC malarkey

    The US 5th Fleet, currently deployed in the Persian Gulf, has reported multiple confrontations with Iranian forces in recent years. Iranian Fast Boats Buzz Around US Warship With Top Commander […]

  • IRGC buzzes UK destroyer

    Situation normal… Iranian Attack Boats Reportedly Confront UK Destroyer in the Persian Gulf Three Iranian fast attack boats confronted a UK Royal Navy destroyer as she was escorting a trio of British […]

  • IRGC weekly reminder

    Iran’s weekly pot-stirring exercise. IRGC-Army Naval Cooperation to Guarantee Security: Iranian Commander The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy praised the powerful presence of the Iranian Armed Forces […]

  • New asset for Iran Navy

    More assets keep things simmering. ‘Konarak’ missile launcher warship joins Iran Army’s Naval fleet ‘Konarak’ missile launcher warship joined Iranian Army’s Naval fleet in order to strengthen and improve the […]

  • Iran’s piracy patrols

    Countless invisible pirates slain… 56 Iranian Navy Fleets Dispatched To Far Seas Since 2007 Rukhshan Mir Iranian navy has dispatched 56 fleets to far seas since 2007 to protect the […]

  • IRGC antics in Gulf

    Region continues to simmer ahead of sanctions. Iran airs video of encounter with USS Theodore Roosevelt Iran’s national TV on Saturday broadcast footage of a close encounter between the Islamic […]

  • Iran rattles sabres

    Air Force flew planes first built in 1960s and 70s. Iran put on a show of force to threaten the US – but it was unconvincing at best ALEX LOCKIE […]

  • Iran discounts US threat

    Situation normal… Iranian Military Officials Discount The Possibility Of A U.S. Attack Claiming that Iran has the “upper hand” in the region, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards […]