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  • Suspicious stowaways found

    Suspicious stowaways found on board Ro-Ro ship off Italy UK P&I Club issues bulletin to emphasise the importance of proper security procedures The UK P&I Club has recently issued bulletin […]

  • Egypt launches Suez Police force

    New force to ensure Canal safety. Egypt to launch police force to protect Suez Canal Mark Szakonyi WASHINGTON — It’s too soon to determine whether a new police department tasked […]

  • IS: planning to use Libya as gateway

    Islamic State militants are planning a takeover of Libya. Islamic State ‘planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe’ Exclusive: Jihadists hoping to use Libya as a “gateway” to wage […]

  • Plot to target Iraqi port

    Concerns IS plans to target shipping. Plot to target Iraqi port indicates growing strength of armed groups around Basra EVENT Iraqi security forces seized four Katyusha-type rockets on 12 January, […]

  • Islamic State and piracy

    Suggestions that IS is looking to piracy are rebuffed. Is Islamic State Group Getting Into the Piracy Business? DUBAI — An expert is downplaying concerns raised last week by the United […]

  • Navy exercises bring Iran, China closer

    Chinese and Iranian naval cooperation brings closer ties.  Navy exercises bring Iran, China closer As global media keep their focus on the Islamic State (IS) and the US airstrikes in […]

  • Maritime terrorism in SE Asia

    Islamists pose an increasing threat to maritime security. Terrorist Threats from the Maritime Domain: Singapore’s Response – Analysis Terrorist threats from the maritime domain are a recurring challenge around South […]