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  • Legal Tussle

    The shooting of two Indian fishermen by guards of an Italian merchant vessel off the Kerala coast leads to a legal tussle between India and Italy. Hazards on the high […]

  • Assalto alla Montecristo

    Otto giovani somali, gli imputati nel primo processo sulla pirateria contemporanea che si è aperto oggi a Roma. A ROMA IL PRIMO PROCESSO CONTRO PRESUNTI PIRATI SOMALI Si è aperto […]

  • Judge Prolongs Incarceration

    The two Italian marines appeared in court this morning in Kollam where the judge prolonged their preventative incarceration measure by a further two weeks. Italian Marines to remain in jail […]

  • Who Gave the Order to Fire?

    The continuing case of the incident involving the Italian Marines aboard the Enrica Lexie. Investigating magistrates have asked the Indian Police to ascertain who authorised the Marine’s actions; were they […]

  • ‘Marò’ to Remain in Custody

    The two Italian soldiers under investigation by Indian authorities for the death of two Indian fishermen will remain in police custody until March 5 a magistrate ordered today in Kollam. […]