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  • Coastal security after threat

    Pirates have previously attacked resort in Lamu. Kenya police beef up security in coastal region over terror threats The Kenyan authorities on Thursday issued a terror alert following leaked information […]

  • Police held back pirate evidence

    Claims British police withheld DNA evidence. Police ‘held back DNA in pirate murder case’ Jerome Starkey British police withheld DNA evidence that could have acquitted a Kenyan hotel worker sentenced […]

  • Paying Ransoms

    The case of Judith Tebbutt, the hostage recently released from the clutches of Somalian pirates, has cast doubt on Britain’s ransom policy, but paying hostage-takers ignores the deeper roots of […]

  • Paying for Lives

    The news of the release of Judith Tebbutt has brought the subject of the payment of ransoms back to the front pages of British newspapers. Somalian Piracy: the price of […]

  • Judith Tebbutt Freed

    A woman kidnapped from a remote beach resort in Kenya and held hostage in Somalia for more than six months is preparing to return home to Britain. Judith Tebbutt, 56, […]

  • Human Shield

    British hostage Judith Tebbutt is being used as a pawn by Somali pirates so troops will not attack them. She was snatched from a beach resort in neighbouring Kenya two […]