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  • PLAN carrier in Hong Kong

    Sabre rattling, ahoy. China’s first operational aircraft carrier Liaoning arrives in Hong Kong China’s first operational aircraft carrier Liaoning has arrived in Hong Kong. Its first trip outside mainland China […]

  • New PLAN carrier

    PLAN show of strength continues. China launches aircraft carrier, boosting military presence China has launched a new aircraft carrier in the latest sign of its growing military strength. It is […]

  • US Navy visit PLA Navy

    Despite territorial issues, military on cordial terms. Senior US Navy officers visit Chinese aircraft carrier CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, The Associated Press BEIJING (AP) — China this week hosted a visit to […]

  • US admiral in China for navy talks

    Talks aimed to improve naval cooperation between powers. US admiral in China for top-level navy talks BEIJING – The chief of the US Navy met his Chinese counterpart Tuesday for talks […]

  • China’s first aircraft carrier

    China’s first aircraft carrier has entered into service, the Defence Ministry says. The 300m (990ft) Liaoning – named after the province where it was refitted – is a refurbished Soviet […]

  • How Many is Enough?

    Most analysts agree that China will pursue in the the construction of aircraft carriers, but the opacity of Chinese defense planning does not reveal how many ships Beijing intends to operate.  In […]