Tag: maritime disputes

  • Coast Guards in disputed waters acting as naval ‘proxies’

    Added pressure on Coast Guards to police waters.  Coast Guards in disputed waters acting as naval ‘proxies’ MANILA – Coast Guards have become increasingly active in the disputed West Philippine […]

  • Maritime Boundaries a Key Security Frontier

    Indonesia calls for co-operation in securing and settling the region’s multiple, complex borders. Maritime boundaries a key security frontier By Yudah Prakoso and Andhika Bhakti for Khabar Southeast Asia in […]

  • Coast Guard Overhaul

    China’s new leadership recently announced its intention to reorganize its separate maritime law enforcement agencies under one governing body China signals with Coast Guard overhaul By Lyle Morris  China’s new […]

  • South China Sea Disputes

    To be considered a responsible power, China has to reassure neighbouring countries that its rise to power will usher benefits and opportunities for the region but equally as importantly that China’s ascendancy […]

  • UNCLOS Opposition Questioned

    Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has said that the United States should sign the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Opposition to Law of Sea Questioned By […]

  • US Backs Multilateral Approach to Pacific Disputes

    US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has been outlining the Obama Administration’s position on the maritime disputes in the Pacific whilst visiting Vietnam this week. “Relying exclusively on bilateral relationships isn’t […]