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  • Iceberg 1 crew, three years on

    Former MV Iceberg 1 hostages mark anniversary. Iceberg 1 crew, three years on 23 December will mark the third anniversary of the freeing of the hostages of the Iceberg 1. […]

  • Hostage recounts piracy ordeal

    Ahiable was held with crew of MV Iceberg 1. Ears split, whipped and starved; Ahiable recounts ordeal with Somali pirates Whipped with electrical wires, denied food for several weeks, drinking […]

  • Rescued hostages recount their ordeal

    “We thought nobody was coming to check if we were alive,” said the 31-year-old Filipino who was held aboard the Dubai-owned MV Iceberg I along with 23 others. Rescued hostages of […]

  • Attempted Hostage Rescue: Three Dead

    Puntland, a Province of NE Somalia, Maritime Police Force (PMPF) in shoot-out with pirates aboard hijacked ‘MV Iceberg 1’ in rescue attempt. The crew on board the Iceberg 1, has […]

  • Don’t Pay the Pirates

    A U.K.-led Piracy Ransom Task Force has recommended that shipping companies hurry to adopt measures to ensure that ransom payments aren’t made to pirate groups. Piracy group: Make sure Somali […]

  • Renegade Fears

    Initial reports that ransom had been paid led to hopes crew would be released, situation has now sparked fears that the pirates are reneging on the ransom deal and asking […]

  • Terrible Toll

    One of the four Ghanaians from the “MV Iceberg 1” being held by Somali pirates has told his relatives in Ghana that they are being taken off the ship to […]

  • Finally Free

    MV Iceberg 1, a ship owned by a Dubai-based company, has been released by Somali pirates after nearly 19 months. An undisclosed sum was reportedly paid as ransom to the […]

  • Spotlight On Owners

    In an interesting development, the relatives of Indian crewmen abducted by Somali pirates onboard the “MV Iceberg-1” have called upon authorities to arrest the owners of the Dubai-based shipping company […]