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  • Obangame Express kicks off

    International exercise gets underway. Navy Flags Off ‘Obangame’ The Nigerian Navy yesterday deployed four warships and two helicopters in a joint multinational maritime exercise codenamed “Obangame”. The Tide source reports […]

  • Securing Nigeria’s Maritime Domain

    Securing Nigeria’s Maritime Domain In a bid to secure the nation’s maritime domain, the Nigerian Navy recently participated in the seventh Operation Obangame Express held in the Gulf of Guinea, writes […]

  • Ivory Coast drops alert

    Obangame Express prompted increase in security. Ivory Coast rescinds port security measures, attack threat unfounded Ivory Coast rescinded an order on Sunday to increase security at its two main ports […]

  • Obangame Express begins

    Cooperation improves regional response to threats. Nigeria urged to show political will in fighting maritime insecurity  Bayo Akinloye As the 2016 Exercise Obangame/Saharan Express kicked off on Thursday in Senegal, […]

  • Exercise Obangame Express 2015

    Multi national exercise in Gulf of Guinea. Obangame Express 2015: Two steps forward, one step back MATT HIPPLE Between 19 and 27 March OBANGAME EXPRESS, African Partnership Station’s annual exercise […]

  • Red signal for sea pirates

    Exercise Obangame Express fighting maritime crime. Red signal for sea pirates, oil thieves By Odita Sunday If reining in armed robbers and other criminals has proved difficult, the war against […]

  • Show of Force

    On board with the Nigerian Navy. Show of Force To demonstrate its capability to curb piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, NNS OKPABANA patrolled the waters for seven days, with […]

  • Opening Ceremony Obangame Express 2015

    Multi-national naval exercise underway.  Opening Ceremony Obangame Express 2015 remarks: Capt. John Rinko, Obangame Express, officer in tactical command ACCRA, Ghana – Capt. John Rinko, Obangame Express, officer in tactical […]

  • Gulf of Guinea states seek outside help

    Aboard the USNS Spearhead in the Gulf of Guinea Sea change? Gulf of Guinea states seek outside help, progress slow By Steven Beardsley ABOARD THE USNS SPEARHEAD IN THE GULF […]

  • Obangame Express 2014

    Naval forces from the United States, Europe, South America and Africa have begun the annual multinational maritime exercise Obangame Express off the coasts of Nigeria and Cameroon Exercise Obangame Express 2014 […]