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  • Nigerian Navy arrests oil thieves

    Operations against pirates and oil thieves continue in Niger Delta. Navy Arrests 2 Vessels, 25 Persons for Oil Theft Segun James Twenty five persons and two ocean going vessels involved […]

  • Nigerian piracy: fact and fiction

    Insecurity, under reporting, lack of information sharing all confuse the issues. Nigerian piracy ‘overhyped’ or not reported enough? By C. BLOMBAUM This has not been a good month for Nigeria. To […]

  • JTF Intercepts Illegal Bunkering Barge

    Operation Pulo Shield continues to target oil thieves. JTF Intercepts Illegal Bunkering Barge, Arrests 11 Suspects in Multiple Raids Segun James In its continued effort to end illegal bunkering activities […]

  • Lawlessness Hurting Nigerian Trade

    Oil theft and piracy concern UK Chamber of Shipping. Maritime Lawlessness Off Nigeria’s Coast Hurting Trade – Report A report published by the UK chamber of shipping has lamented the […]

  • The Strait of Malacca Blues

    Straits of Malacca causing concern for observers. Sea Transportation: The Strait of Malacca Blues The international effort to suppress Somali piracy halted and reversed the increased piracy off the coast […]

  • Piracy still present but less severe

    Piracy still a threat in SE Asia. Piracy still present but less severe, says SSA Titus Zheng The traditional threats of piracy still loom in region, but at the lower […]

  • Nigeria destroys illegal refineries

    Captain Musa Gemu said the ship destroyed more than five hundred illegal crude oil refineries. Nigerian Navy Ship commander confirms destruction of over 500 illegal refineries in Warri area The […]

  • Port2Port predicts Nigeria acquittals

    Port2Port expects a swift acquittal for two British maritime security guards Port2Port predicts Nigeria acquittals Girija Shettar Port2Port expects a swift acquittal for two British maritime security guards arrested in […]

  • Disturbing the Pond

    MT Fair Artemis is still missing, presumed hijacked. Disturbing the Pond: A Missing Tanker in the Gulf of Guinea By James M. Bridger, Delex Systems Inc. A Greek-owned oil tanker that […]

  • Call to revoke Nigeria security contract

    Chief Edwin Clark asked the Government to revoke multi-billion pipeline and maritime protection contracts FIGHT AGAINST PIRACY, OIL THEFT: Edwin Clark asks FG to revoke Tompolo’s contract Former Federal Commissioner […]