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  • European Commission Piracy Event

    The seminar analysed the reinforcement of self-protection measures. Sensitive topics included shipbuilding standards and the technology available for discouraging attacks as well as the very delicate subject of using privately […]

  • Combating Maritime Piracy

    Maritime piracy has been on the rise for much of the past decade, even as international efforts have helped reduce the number of successful hijackings.  The Oceans Beyond Piracy initiative […]

  • Benin Again

    Pirates rob chemical tanker off the coast of Benin amid mounting piracy threats in West Africa. The International Maritime Bureau says armed pirates have raided a chemical tanker off the […]

  • Bad Neighbours

    Nigerian pirate gangs are moving into the waters of neighbouring countries and attacking vessels further offshore after being driven from their coastal haunts by a military crackdown. The shift to […]

  • Armed Solution

    In parallel with its talks on naval action, the Indian government has been discussing the issue whether “sea marshals” should be placed onboard merchant ships to counter the threat posed by pirates. The Government […]

  • Superyacht Security Summit 2010

    A day of debate and discussion focusing on preventing, avoiding & dealing with security & piracy threats against superyachts, today & in the future. With security becoming an increasingly relevant […]