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  • EU NAVFOR destroys vessel

    Vessel destroyed. Pirate whaler seized and destroyed by EU NAVFOR In the morning of Sunday 28th October 2018, EU NAVFOR military personnel seized an active Pirate Action Group (PAG) whaler […]

  • Pirates take dhow off Puntland

    Vessel likely to be used as mother ship. Somali pirates hijack Iranian fishing vessel: Somali official By Abdiqani Hassan Somali pirates hijacked an Iranian fishing vessel on Tuesday to use […]

  • Suspected Pirates Apprehended

    EU Naval Force Belgian Frigate Louise-Marie Apprehends Five Suspected Pirates. In the afternoon of 15 December 2012, the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Belgian Frigate Louise-Marie intercepted one skiff with […]

  • Pirate Demands

    Rogues though they may be, pirates are in many cases are surprisingly well-organized, down to having their own packets of paperwork — on letterhead — for their victims. Africa’s pirates […]

  • Skiff Response

    On the morning of June 10, the EUNAVFOR German warship “FGS Niedersachsen” detected a suspected Pirate Action Group (PAG) in the Southern Somali Basin. The pirates, which were suspected of […]

  • Activity Alert

    Recent pirate activity has centred near Latitude 13 32N Longitude 042 41E. At 0403 UTC 31 May, a merchant vessel was reported under attack by pirates in a single skiff. […]

  • Disruptive Influence

    On 5th March, an EU NAVFOR aircraft and the EU NAVFOR French warship FS NIVOSE disrupted a suspected pirate whaler off the Somali coast. The whaler was suspected of leading […]