Tag: Pollution

  • France’s Cannes to Ban Polluting Cruise Ships

    September 23: Mediterranean resort town Cannes, France’s fourth-biggest cruise ship port, will ban the most polluting cruise ships from next year in a bid to boost air quality in the […]

  • Nigeria’s oil issues

    Militias, modular refineries and oil. The battle raging in Nigeria over control of oil Nigeria may sit atop one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but the majority […]

  • Concerns remain after late-night rescue

    Concern is growing that fuel tanks may have ruptured in a cargo ship which ran aground off north Wales, leading to the dramatic late-night rescue of the crew. Seven crew […]

  • Easy emergency access to oil tanks

    These days, when a ship is in trouble, there is immediate attention focused upon to the risk of any oil pollution. Any report of a grounding or collision, even a […]